Math Fact Fluency Companion Website

Math Fact Fluency book proclaiming updated gameboards abd instructions in PDF form or Google slides and interactive demonstrations of the games.
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On this site, you will find about 40% of the basic fact games and assessment tools found in the Math Fact Fluency book in easy-to-use, printable formats. Just click on a chapter at the left to reveal its associated games or assessment tools or use the Games Alphabetical Index or Assessment Tools Alphabetical Index to find what you need.

Chapter 1. The Five Fundamentals


Chapter 2. Foundational Addition and Subtraction Facts

Game 2: Bears Race to 10
Game 6: Doubles Bingo
Game 9: Erase

Chapter 4. Foundational Multiplication and Division Facts

Game 27: Trios
Game 30: Square Bingo
Game 31: Multiplication Pathways

Chapter 6. Assessing Foundational Facts

Tool 6: Two-Prompt Interview Protocol

Chapter 8. Families and Facts

Math Fact Fluency for Families