Tool 15: Observation Tools for Selection of Strategies

Chapter 7. Assessing Derived Fact Strategies and All Facts

Using Observation Tools for Assessing the Selection of Strategies:

Observation tools can tell a story about a student’s thinking. For example, you may see a small group of students find 3 + 4, 6 + 7, and 9 + 8. One student might use Near Doubles for all three facts, while another student might just know 3 + 4, use Near Doubles for 6 + 7, and use Pretend-a-10 for 9 + 8.

Word versions of the documents are included so that you can modify the tool to fit your situation.

Download and print these documents at full size or print at 80% to trim and store in a gallon reclosable zipper storage bag.

Assessment Tool Document:

Assessment Tool Recording Sheet: