Game 2: Bears Race to 10

Chapter 2. Foundational Addition and Subtraction Facts

Targeted Facts: +0, 1, 2

Using Bears Race to 10 for Math Fact Fluency:

  • Foundational facts must precede derived facts. The foundational facts are critical building blocks for the types of fact strategies fluent students create.
  • The first group of facts to master involve adding or subtracting 0, 1, or 2. This is because these facts relate closely to the counting sequence.
  • Visual tools such as number lines are especially helpful for connecting these facts to the counting sequence.
  • As students play Bears Race to 10, ask students to say or write equations to match so that they make the connection between the movement of the bears (concrete) and the equation (abstract).

Word versions of the documents are included so that you can modify the game to fit your students.

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