Game 9: Erase

Chapter 2. Foundational Addition and Subtraction Facts

Targeted Facts: Combinations of 10

Using Erase for Math Fact Fluency:

  • Student focus is on making combinations of 10 (3 + 7, 2 + 8, 4 + 6, etc.)
  • Ten frames present a natural tool for helping students identify combinations of 10.
  • Students also need to know combinations of 10s to find missing addends as in 9 + __ = 10 or 7 + __ = 10.
  • This is the type of thinking behind the making 10 and pretend-a-10 strategies where students must know how many are needed to make 10 or how far away a number is from 10.
  • Erase is a particularly useful game for providing enjoyable and substantial practice in building this type of understanding.

Word versions of the documents are included so that you can modify the game to fit your students.

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