KAMTE Officers

Jonathan Thomas Jonathan Thomas, President Jonathan Thomas is a professor of mathematics education and chair of the Department of STEM Education at the University of Kentucky. Prior to his tenure at UK, he was a faculty member at Northern Kentucky University. Dr. Thomas is committed to a vision of STEM Education that is inclusive, engaging, and fosters a sense of relentless curiosity amongst students and teachers. He holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Kentucky, an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and an Ed.D. in Mathematics Education, both from the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Thomas also serves as a faculty associate for the Kentucky Center for Mathematics (www.kentuckymathematics.org) and facilitates professional learning experiences for teachers across the commonwealth. Dr. Thomas has served as a mathematics intervention teacher in public, private, and charter schools in the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. His research interests include investigating responsive mathematics teaching practices, equity concerns in the elementary mathematics classroom, non-verbal patterns of mathematical interaction, and cognitive progressions of children's mathematical construction

Dee Crescitelli Dee Crescitelli, President-Elect Dr. Dee Crescitelli is a Director at the Kentucky Center for Mathematics, and Adjunct Faculty at Georgetown College.She also serves as a Professional Learning Coach for Kentucky Adult Education.She is working to improve mathematics education from pre-K through college. Her teaching experience ranges from elementary through graduate school, adult education, and teacher preparation- threading real numeracy and love of mathematics through all those levels.

Funda Gonulates Funda Gonulates, Past President Funda Gonulates received her PhD from Michigan State University with a focus on curriculum and instruction. Her research interests center on teacher learning. Her recent work has focused on studying teacher collaboration mediated by a problem-based curriculum, the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP). She is also involved in projects documenting teachers’ use of curriculum materials, and history of mathematics.

Jamie-Marie Miller Jamie-Marie Miller, Secretary Jamie-Marie Miller is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership at the Eastern Kentucky University, where she teaches the middle/secondary mathematics methods courses, geometry for elementary teachers and graduate courses in elementary mathematics education and intervention strategies for struggling learners. Her research focuses on the progression of algebraic thinking in students, math-specific literacy strategies, and visible learning practices. When she’s not working with students, she enjoys cooking, working with her flower beds, and spending time with friends and family.

Susan Peters Susan Peters, Treasurer Susan Peters is an Associate Professor in the Department of Middle and Secondary Education at the University of Louisville, where she teaches mathematics methods courses and graduate courses in mathematics education. Her research focuses on statistics education and mathematics teacher knowledge, particularly teacher knowledge and education in statistics. When she’s not working with teachers, she enjoys relaxing walks in nature.

Kate Marin Kate Marin, At-Large Representative Dr. Kate Ariemma Marin is an Assistant Professor of Math Education at the University of Louisville. She has taught elementary and middle school and served as a math coordinator in schools across Massachusetts. Prior to the University of Louisville, she was a faculty member at Stonehill College. She teaches mathematics education courses and supports the development of pre-service and in-service teachers. Her research interest is in teachers’ development of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching and generational differences in teachers. She is committed to supporting teachers and promoting the knowledge that they bring to the profession.

Michele Cudd Michele Cudd, At-Large Representative Michele Cudd is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education at Morehead State University, where she teaches future elementary, middle, and high school teachers. She is interested in supporting novice teachers to develop more student-centered discourse practices. In her free time, she often is hiking on trails with her dog.