KAMTE at the 2017 KCTM Conference

KAMTE is honored to have a strand at the 2017 Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference, to be held November 4, 2017, in Union, KY. We hope to see all Kentucky mathematics teacher educators at KCTM! Come network, learn, and share with other mathematics teacher educators from around the state and learn more about Kentucky’s new AMTE Affiliate. More details about the conference and registration can be found at http://kctm.org/page-143039.

KCTM Conference KAMTE Strand

KCTM Conference KAMTE Strand
Session 1 (9:00-9:45) Math Education Swap
Cheryll Crowe and Funda Gonulates Participants will share ideas that have worked for them in math content courses for future teachers at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels. Come prepared to discuss your best practices, gain insight from your colleagues, and network with math teacher educators across the state.
KCTM Keynote Speaker (10:00-11:15)
Jennifer Bay-Williams Dr. Jennifer Bay-Williams has written nearly two dozen books and many articles about K-12 mathematics education, including best-selling books on how to teach mathematics as well as books on using mathematics to build financial literacy.

Jennifer began her career as a teacher of K-12 mathematics in Missouri and in Peru. She joined the faculty at the University of Louisville in 2006 and currently serves there as Professor and Chair of the Department of Middle and Secondary Education. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Council of Teachers of. She continues to advocate for effective K-12 mathematics education through frequent presentations at state, regional, and national conferences, and she also works with schools, districts, and other educational organizations.
Session 2 (11:30-12:15) Technology Applications for Teaching Mathematics
Susan A. Peters In this session, we will examine dynamic technology tools such as Desmos, GeoGebra, and CODAP to consider how students can develop conceptual understanding of mathematics content by interacting with these tools. Sample activities from a middle and secondary technology applications for mathematics teachers course will be shared with participants.
Session 3 (1:15-2:00) What characteristics describe a Well Prepared Beginning Teacher of Mathematics?
Jennifer Bay-Williams The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) has just released the Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics [SPTM] (2017).
This report provides a clear and comprehensive national vision for the preparation of well-prepared beginning teachers of mathematics in grades Pre-K–12, describing both candidate characteristics and program characteristics. In this session we will engage in discussions about the characteristics of well-prepared beginning teachers of mathematics and how we might enact this vision in Kentucky.
Session 4 (2:15-3:00) Accommodations and Accessibility in the Higher Education Mathematics Classrooms
Twyla Harris and Laura Clarke In this session, we will begin by looking briefly at the legal responsibilities of higher education institutions to accommodate special needs and how this is commonly perceived in the general classroom. Next we will discuss several research based practices found to grant accessibility to all mathematics students, with an emphasis on those with special needs. We will finish by opening up a collaborative discussion with the participants sharing successful accessibility and accommodation methods that have been implemented in the higher education mathematics classroom.