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Kentucky Mathematics Teacher Leaders are passionate classroom teachers who have shown a dedication to mathematics education. These select mathematics leaders will collaborate with forty like-minded educators from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky to hone and expand their skills in leadership, mathematics content and pedagogy.

Under the direction of the Kentucky Center for Mathematics, KyMTLs will become true leaders and agents of change in their schools and districts, across Kentucky and in numerous nationwide initiatives. These leaders will realize their full potential with opportunities for immersed learning experiences. They will learn more about mathematics best practices in teaching mathematics from national experts. KyMTLs will study and implement research-based mathematics via collaborative reflective practices. They will be equipped with how to analyze data to make informed decisions for the purposes of improving learning and teaching mathematics.

Our growing leadership model as illustrated below will enable cycles of growth at multiple levels. Change starting in KyMTLs own schools will then expand to their districts and to the entire state. These levels of change will contribute to a collective understanding of teacher growth at the national level.

Figure 1. KyMTL Growing Teacher Leaders Model


KyMTLs will deepen their understanding of mathematics content and pedagogy. They will engage in deep mathematical exploration activities where they nourish their understanding of mathematics content as a learner and teacher of mathematics. Empowered with robust mathematics understanding, they will observe, enact and reason over effective mathematics teaching pedagogies.


KyMTLs will immerse themselves in current research of effective mathematics education through interactive learning experiences from national experts. These research-based effective pedagogies will guide their vision and practice of mathematics teaching and learning.


KyMTLs will grow as leaders with focused sessions on effective mathematics leadership informed from mathematics coaching and teacher leadership literatures. Continuous leadership practices in their schools and within their districts provide job-embedded leadership opportunities and allow them to become statewide leaders.


Here are some resources that guides the development work of KyMTL professional growth:

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Figure 2. Leading for Mathematical Proficiency Framework


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