The Kentucky Center for Mathematics is dedicated to developing mathematics teacher leaders from Paducah to Pikeville. Our mission is to find Kentucky mathematics teacher leaders who are passionate classroom teachers and provide them with additional mathematics leadership skills in order to be influencers in their schools, districts and across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A KyMTL will be immersed in new learning in four areas: mathematics, pedagogy, leadership, and equity.


A Kentucky Mathematics Teacher Leader is a life-long learner who values and understands the importance of mathematics and is passionate about teaching and learning mathematics. KyMTL strives to develop a strong understanding of mathematics deeply rooted in the foundational research evidence. As a core value, our KyMTLs believe effective mathematics teaching depends on a deep knowledge of mathematics. They understand the big ideas of mathematics, connections within the discipline and across disciplines and are able to represent the content in a way that is coherent and connected for KY students. (NCTM, 2010, p. 16) Additionally, KyMTLs are trailblazers of continual growth in content knowledge for their school, district, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


A Kentucky Mathematics Teacher Leader has sound pedagogical knowledge and grounded understanding of students as learners. Our KyMTLs thoughtfully embody the NCTM Mathematical Teaching Practices. Implementation of the eight MTPs within the classroom is a craft to be honed thoughtfully. Our KyMTLs also "choose worthwhile tasks, to establish a supportive and challenging environment, and to promote mathematical discourse among all members of the school community." (NCTM, 2010, p. 16) Every KyMTL strives for equity and social justice for ALL students. This equity is pervasive throughout the pedagogy engaged within their classroom. KYMTLs are an exemplary models of teaching excellence for both their school, district and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


A Kentucky Mathematics Teacher Leader is actively involved and personally invested in the greater community of learning within their school, district and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. By taking initiative, our KyMTLs assess the mathematics landscape and design effective professional learning towards increasing student achievement. They are true educational leaders that support clear communication, reflective practices, and build and maintain the collegial support of peers. Most importantly, our KyMTLs lead by example not simply by words, but by actions that align with the research of excellence in mathematics teaching. The reach of a KyMTL expands beyond the walls of their classroom into their school, district and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.