The Fluency Assessments materials and online application are available to those KCM community members that have completed assessment instruction and have ongoing support for evidence-based instructional decision making. Applicable KCM PLE offerings include:

  • KNPI (Kentucky Numeracy Project Intensive)
  • MRIS (Math Recovery Intervention Specialist)
  • Foundations for Early Childhood (formerly K-EEMC)
  • Foundations for Primary (formerly EERTI)
  • Comprehensive for Primary
  • Comprehensive for Intermediate (formerly MaRTI)
  • Explorations in 3rd Grade Multiplication and Division

If you meet the above qualifications, you can request a Fluency Assessments account by emailing the KCM.

To learn more about the available instructional offerings, please visit the KCM Offerings page on our website.


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