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Welcome to the Kentucky Numeracy Project!

Click on the search button to explore a FREE bank of instructional resources that support critical numeracy skills such as rote counting, numeral identification, fluency with addition and subtraction, fluency with multiplication and division within 100, place value understanding, and foundational understanding of fractions. All activities include lesson plans, student direction pages, and any printables needed for the activity. Use the Search Button to start your search by standard, fluency benchmark, numeracy strand, or task group to find the right activities for your students! Use the Help link at top for more information about these search options and using the KNP Instructional Resources.

These resources aren’t just for intervention! Previously called the Intervention Guide, now called the KNP Instructional Resources, this bank of activities will support all primary grade students at all levels to develop and deepen their numeracy! These mathematical activities have been updated and expanded to better serve you and your students!

Click on the KCM Fluency Assessments link below to learn more about our FREE interview-based numeracy assessments for screening and progress monitoring.

The Kentucky Numeracy Project Instructional Resources are developed and funded by the Kentucky Center for Mathematics. The KCM was established by the Kentucky General Assembly in 2006 to support diverse teacher and student populations across the commonwealth.