KAMTE Officers

Sarah Kasten Sarah Kasten, President Sarah Kasten is an Associate Professor in the College of Education at Northern Kentucky University. Sarah works closely with preservice elementary and middle grades mathematics teachers and practicing elementary teachers. She is interested in the development of preservice teachers’ practice around the effective mathematics teaching practices.

Funda Gonulates Funda Gonulates, President-Elect Funda Gonulates received her PhD from Michigan State University with a focus on curriculum and instruction. Her research interests center on teacher learning. Her recent work has focused on studying teacher collaboration mediated by a problem-based curriculum, the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP). She is also involved in projects documenting teachers’ use of curriculum materials, and history of mathematics.

Cheryll Crowe Cheryll Crowe Johnson, Past President Cheryll Crowe Johnson is an Associate Professor and Co-Chair of the Mathematics Department at Asbury University. She received her Ph.D. in Education Sciences - Mathematics from the University of Kentucky, and her research focuses on TPACK (technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge). Cheryll has also taught mathematics at Woodford County High School, BCTC, and EKU. She loves to travel and will visit her 50th state this summer.

Natalia Gerstenschlager Natasha Gerstenschlager, Secretary Natasha Gerstenschlager is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Western Kentucky University where she educates future elementary, middle, and high school teachers. Her research focuses on developing pre- and in-service teachers’ mathematical content knowledge and knowledge of high-impact practices. When she’s not working with teachers, she enjoys camping, hiking, and traveling with her family and friends.

Susan Peters Susan Peters, Treasurer Susan Peters is an Associate Professor in the Department of Middle and Secondary Education at the University of Louisville, where she teaches mathematics methods courses and graduate courses in mathematics education. Her research focuses on statistics education and mathematics teacher knowledge, particularly teacher knowledge and education in statistics. When she’s not working with teachers, she enjoys relaxing walks in nature.

Jamie-Marie Miller Jamie-Marie Miller, At-Large Representative Jamie-Marie Miller is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership at the Eastern Kentucky University, where she teaches the middle/secondary mathematics methods courses, geometry for elementary teachers and graduate courses in elementary mathematics education and intervention strategies for struggling learners. Her research focuses on the progression of algebraic thinking in students, math-specific literacy strategies, and visible learning practices. When she’s not working with students, she enjoys cooking, working with her flower beds, and spending time with friends and family.